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shes still a great songwriter. Guitars that should be mounted on the wall of an avant-garde art gallery. Rayon Hula established a template to which Coopers adhered almost exclusively since: Hawaiian-style steel guitar, vibraphones that approximate the clangor of boats at berth, eerily close-sounding samples of bugs and birds, a pall of static that laps like a swelling ocean. In old age, he got into sailing and even more into Hawaiian shirts. The production, mostly by Vampire Weekends Rostam, is full of the same plaintive pianos and faintly glowing pads that inspired Tyler, the Creator when Pharrell put them to use. And to celebrate, its throwing a show with several local artists. It might seem counter intuitive to get into comedy to get away from drunken people. Even as they barrel forward, these tracks still seem to be retreating into themselves.

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You have to take things like the gay-pandering You Need to Calm Down and the moldy DJ Mustard rip I Forgot That You Existed along with the near-undeniable gems like. (Click web or pdf view to continue reading.) view/download PDF view on web, date: Nov 13, 2019 Publication: Willamette Week The MusicPortland Policy Council, a group composed of seven local musicians and music industry figures, will advocate for policies. The bottom line is that Captagon is all about motion. Spyce Gentlemans Club in Old Town is bringing back its annual Strip Club Haunted House for the fifth year in a row, featuring strippers in ghoulish makeup and an au courant themevintage 80s horror, still riding the wave of nostalgia that. The storys familiar: following the commercial failure of the towering Scott 4 and its intermittently great follow-up Til the Band Comes In, Walker was forced to renounce creative control and pay the bills as a standards-interpreting crooner. While researching cheeky disappointments to put in his song Bad Cover Version, from Pulps swansong We Love Life, Jarvis Cocker included the second half of Til the Band Comes In alongside such anathema as the Rolling Stones. He broke out as a bug-eyed, chip-toothed, emo-haired, duck-voiced Detroiter who rapped with appalling candidness about sex, drug addiction, and Detroit disenfranchisement. Thats notably trance but also the downtempo new-age of acts like Enigma, the comedown club music of the Orb, and the work of pop artists like Kylie Minogue and Madonna who tune their ears to the electronic underground. And in pop, the burning of its capital has become shorthand for those fears. But once we emerge at the other end of the 12-minute Adieu la Vie were right at home with these two.

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Out came the album, and it turned out not to be a grand comeback but a short, understated thing full of short sketches, generally lacking in gloss, featuring exactly none of her pre-release singles. (Click web or pdf link to continue reading.) view/download PDF view on web Date: Oct 17, 2019 Publication: Willamette Week Rojo has spent 12 years making more than 600 visits to local schools and hospitals. Bon Iver, Bon Iver, from 2011, existed in an impression of America made from fake place names and woodsy rusticism. For many years a loathing of the Grateful Dead and descendants was almost a given in any underground music descended from punk. Ted Harvey knows operating a snow plow in Portland seems a little absurd.


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Even after a few listens you might forget what comes next and be pleasantly surprised. Maybe if this album werent explicitly modeled on Alfred Stieglitzs photos of clouds, I might think of something different upon listening. Meanwhile, music meant to evoke the past only becomes more uncanny and mysterious the further we drift from it down the timeline. It uses pre-existing security cameras to track metrics such as the length of time it takes for food to arrive and how quickly waitstaff tend to tables, then sends data to restaurant managers. Hell make what may be one of his last public appearances this month. What you might not know is that the game was published by Portland-based company Panic Inc. F the characters on Richard Dawsons 2020 are not the reincarnations of the ones on the 2017 masterpiece Peasant, their lives are being ruined by the reincarnations of the same problems. Its the kind of kissing-as-the-world-burns scenario weve all been familiar with since the last shot of Fight Club. Representatives from Evergreen Restaurant Group, the Washington-based company that manages the Outback Steakhouse franchise in Beaverton and elsewhere, were unavailable for comment. Hes a hipster at heart and a purists nightmare. Any Day Now is one of four albums Walker made in the 70s that consist of covers. Although, hes also the Platonic ideal of a rapper: a guy who loves to spit truth over whatever beats his cabal of producers throws his way. Local music-industry trade association MusicPortland yesterday announced the formation of the MusicPortland Policy Council, a group composed of seven local musicians and music industry figures, who will advocate for policies to save, support, and strengthen Portlands music scene, according to a press release. After co-founding the independent radio station kboo, which still exists, he used his airtime to broadcast audio postcards made from found sounds and his own narration. Thats what separates i,i from the rest of Bon Ivers often brilliant discography, from which the record otherwise springs naturally. Aminés speeches are part of Project: Unlock the American Dream, an initiative co-organized by Treehouse, the Boys Girls Club of America, and AnitaB, a California-based nonprofit supporting women in tech. Wed send them songs they wouldnt approve of, then theyd hear the same songs six months later and be like oh, this is incredible, says guitarist Alex DiDonato. (Click web or pdf link to continue reading.) view/download PDF view on web Date: Sep 30, 2019 Publication: Willamette Week Since its release two weeks ago, Untitled Goose Game has earned celeb endorsements and inspired an endless stream of memes based on its long-necked lead. Do you want to die alone or watch it all burn down together? Less fortunate is his take on Black Rose, peppered with some of the most unconvincing lords this side of a Mumford Sons Pandora. How little we are, clung to the rivers edge/ Come hell or high water, Dawson exclaims on The Queens Head, singing as the proprietor of a flooded pub. But isnt it curious how the people most affected are usually the ones with the fewest lyrics one night stand ed sheeran kuopio means to rebuild?

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